VHF Satellite Antenna for polar orbiter satellites with built-in Preamplifier and High-Q-Filter.

KX-137 Weather Satellite Antenna

The KX-137 provides best omni-directional reception results for polar orbiter satellites in the 137 MHz band. It is weatherproof and durable. In situations when the KX-137 may be too big or striking, e.g. on board  ship, our MX-137 is an interesting alternative of nearly the same reception performance.

 Details of Construction and Operation

Two horizontally mounted crossed dipoles are coupled through a phase shifting network so that true circular right hand polarized reception is achieved.  For signals arriving parallel to the surface this arrangement acts as an omnidirectional linearly polarized antenna. With increasing elevation angle we get an increasing vertical radiation component and the polarization changes from  linear over elliptic into  circular. Thus the up-looking KX-137 is the ideal counterpart to the downlooking satellite antenna and always gets the maximum possible  radiation energy. A very low-noise preamplifier with high-Q-filter is integrated inside the antenna head. In that way, the KX-137  avoids the performance-degrading cable- and matching losses, always present in other configurations and effectively suppresses interference from strong neighborhood-stations, like aviation or ham-radio.  A passive reflector amplifies reception from the satellites above and reduces fading caused by surface reflections.  To enable the KX-137 to unfold its full performance, it should be mounted so that there is always a line of sight to the satellites (on the roof, not under it). Then noise-free images in a range of about  5000 km can be expected.
Not only the principle of operation is ideal, also the quality of material and manufacture is best: Stainless-steel  screw connections of the elements allow quick and easy antenna installation. All sensitive electronic parts and components are shielded in the water- and UV-resistant antenna head box. The mast mount is made of galvanized steel.  Availability of replacable parts is guaranteed for many years ahead.

Technical Data

  • Wide vertical reception angle allows reception from horizon to horizon.  Surface reflections are attenuated.
  • Righthand circular polarisation.
  • N-type connector 50 Ohms. 
  • Integrated low-noise preamplifier and filter. 
  • Gain typ. 17 dB.
  • High selectivity in the 137 MHz range.
  • 10V to 12 V - DC supply through the coaxial cable.
  • Weight  ~ 1kg
  • Mastmount 60mm max. diameter.
  • Size:  Hight: ~100cm, width max. 115cm.



Selective VHF-Preamplifier
(recommend for passive antennas,  already integrated in our KX-137 and MX-137!)

AA-137 Weather Satellite Amplifier

The AA-137 preamplifier not just compensates for cable losses, it  improves the  noise figure, sensitivity and selectivity, e.g. overall system reception performance. The  five hi-Q-Filters are carefully adjusted on our network analyzer workplace. They create an excellent selectivity against the nearby aviation and ham-radio frequency bands. DC power is automatically fed from the receiver through the coaxial feed line..

Technical Data

  • Gain typ. 17dB
  • High selectivity.
  • 10V to 12V  supply through coaxial cable
  • Connectors: Input N-Type 50 Ohms. Output SO-239.
  • Size: ~ 110mm x 60mm x 90mm
  • Mastmount, max. 60mm diameter.

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